10 Ways to Update your Living Room

Second to the kitchen, the living room could be considered the central place in the home. Ideally, the living room is the first place you enter after a long day; it is the place where visitors enter first too and usually, activities that brings the entire family together is done in the living room. Little wonder it is called the living room. Given the significance of the living room, everyone wants to keep their living room stylish and inviting.

Let us check out some tips on how to make your living room lively.

1. Get in tune with your personal style

The topmost concern in updating a living room is your taste. So ask yourself does this space reflect my current style? If the answer is no, it is definitely time for an overhaul, however, you may need to define what that is first. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Begin with what you love. Your home is yours and the design should convey your personal aesthetic and tell the story of who live there.

2. Rearrange the furniture

This is the easiest and cheapest ways to refresh the living room. It starts with simple things. Give your visitors a different view of your living room by seasonally re-arranging the furniture. Moving the furniture around will also give you a chance to clean the hidden places that regular cleaning does not do and thereby give your living room a new look with any expenses incur.

3. Changing the textiles

A set of beautiful fabrics, texture and patterns can give your living room a new look interchangeably. Introduce a new soft touches (blending with the season and with your settee) will make your living room come alive easily and without the large investment. Pillows, throws and a couple of new accents can completely transform or complete a space.


Bluetaupia Collection in Living Room | Derrick Details


4. Vary your upholstery colour and material.

 Here is another area where the layering of textiles can make your living room an exciting place to behold. The matching sofa set will never give the off the same vibe as a carefully curated room. If a new accent chair is in your budget, consider one in a different material, texture or fabric than your sofa or loveseat. 

5. What’s underfoot

The right area rug can add interest and add structure to a room. It can define a conversational seating arrangement and add comfort underfoot, while continuing a color scheme. As an added bonus, area rugs dampen the sound in a room, leading to a cozier feel. Is it time for a new rug?

6. Organize bookshelves with your favourite things

Avoid the littering of books on the floor and accents scattered throughout the room. To avoid this, have a bookshelf where your books can be kept, collections can be admired and displays can be styled. Mix heights, item type, color and texture to create fashion-forward vignettes.


10 Ways to Update your Living Room | Derrick Details


7. Incorporate greenery

Plants and flowers are beautiful sights to behold in the home. Asides from the fact that some plants produce sweet fragrances that makes your living room refreshing, it also gives your living room an thriving appearance. Don't be afraid to add greenery to your space or give your existing one a new home (planter).


Natural Beauty Collection in Living Room | 10 Ways to Update your Family Room | Derrick Details


8. Choice art + accents

Art takes many forms. A family photo framed in a large mat can just as intriguing as a abstract painting. Weather it is a black and white photo or a sculpture ensure that they are all items that you fond of. While art adds to a room, remember too much of anything is good. Allow your beautiful things to be interesting details, not clutter. If you happen to have a large collection, consider changing the piece out from time to time creating a different look.

9. Improve with paint or wallpaper

Paint is a game changer as it can bring the entire look together or define a focal point. When painting any room take a look at your sightlines; the adjacent rooms you can see from your living room. Although you may want to make your living room unique, you will still want the overall look of your home to flow. That being said, take a color que from one of the accents in the room. Also consider creating an accent wall or a backdrop to the collection we just mentioned with wallpaper - its back, on-trend and in-season.

Design tip: don't forget the five wall; your ceiling - have fun with it.


Wiggle Room Wallpaper | 10 Ways to Update your Living Room | Derrick Details


10. Ensure proper lighting

It is important to consider your light sources in any room. You don't want to go through the trouble of updating your space then find out poor lighting limits your ability to show it off. Is natural light flooding the room during the day or does your space need some brightening up. Styling your living room could include an impactful light fixture, a sculptural table lamp or a floor lamp to complete the corner reading nook. Wall sconces and picture light are designer touches that homeowners often overlook. With the help of an electrician, elevate the lighting your space.


Happy decorating!

Now with these 10 tips in mind, let's get updating  your family room and let us know, how we can help.