Creating Curated Collections

Mar 21, 2022

This is how we do it! (Anyone else hear Montel Jordan when reading that line?)

Our collections or seasonal looks contain up to 40 selections, but it all starts with a single item. Now when decorating a room, my pro tip is to start with the rug, it's usually the hardest thing to find and decide on. However, there's only been one collection that was created that way: Winter 2021’s Bluetaupia.

 Creating Curated Collections | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details


Pillows to the Rescue.

For the most part the inspiration item has been the pillow. Personally, I don’t believe that you can ever have enough. So, I make decorative pillows the heroes of my collection story. A great pillow stack can spark a color palette, create a vibe, and add much needed texture to a room. Side note, I don’t think that there’s any room I haven’t put a pillow in at some point.


The Method & Madness.

From there I get out all my supplier and artist source catalogues, websites, and even a couple of my favourite decorating magazines. With a ridiculous sized Latte close by, I dig in, imagine, source the newest items, and build rooms in my head before it hits the page. Its during this time that I envision the collections in the showroom, selecting which room it will land in first, then second and perhaps third. And just when its almost complete, I create a moodboard to fill in the art and smaller items while keeping true to its purpose.


Creating Curated Collections | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details 


The Vision.

Each item is chosen with intention, while keeping both form and function in mind. Nothing is too precious that it can't be touched or enjoyed. In fact, part of that vision of a refreshed space that I see so clearly, has You in it. I see You taking it all in, lingering, restoring, enjoying the company of the people who live there, and the ones you’re entertaining. I see a space that supports the way you live, finding beauty in functional things.


Creating Curated Collections | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details 


Curation over Matching.

So, know that every collection can fit into any room of your home. Selections include accent furniture for you living and dining spaces, pillows, and throws for your bedrooms and art to adorn your walls. You can shop a collection with ease knowing that I’ve done the work, created a curated-over-time look, and never that cookie cutter room-to-go one.


Creating Curated Collections | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details


Even Better Together.

And there’s a bonus. The collections also look awesome together in a home, as I have decorated the showroom to prove it. Each season I encourage you to peruse our online store and book a Showroom appointment, to experience it in person. Hope to see you soon.


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