Design Icon: Saarinen Dining Table

Mar 10, 2022


The famous Saarinen Dining Table is considered a mid century modern furniture icon, one that can be found in dining rooms and kitchens across the world. It is so historically popular, that it has been reproduced in coffee and side table forms.

We have chairs with four legs, with three, and even with two, but no one has made one with just one leg—so, that’s what we’ll do. - Ereo Saarinen

Eero Saarinen was a Finnish American architect and industrial, responsible for the 1957 Saarinen Pedestal Collection table; original sculpted out of solid marble, and later nicknamed “The Tulip”. His vision was to provide simplistic beauty to the dining table, however, he couldn’t have imagine it providing inspiration to rooms more than 50 years later. So, let's take a closer look, and dive in on some quick tips on how to style it, or similar pedestal tables.


Saarinen as a Desk.

Today, you’ll find many similar tables in a myriad of finishes and colours, in furniture stores, or across the pages of your favourite home décor magazine. Beyond its use as a dining table this famous piece also makes a handsome desk, think the television series, Mad Men.


Design Icon: Saarinen Table | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details


Saarinen fitting in.

Much like a chameleon, this dining table brings modern clean lines to any design style and still blends in with the room. The dining chair its paired with, is just one of the elements that can make the room fit a Mid-century Modern, Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary design style to name a few.



Design Icon: Saarinen Table | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details


Additional seating ideas.

Beyond the dining chair, this table is in its circular or oval form is often besties with a banquet, playing up its ability to be used in today’s kitchen. In my own experience the kitchen banquet is the coveted spot to dine or simply hang out. Pairing built-in bench seating with a sleek table such as this one, actually helps you get in and out of corner seats easily.


Design Icon: Saarinen Table | Details. The Blog | Derrick Details


Styling Tips.

Here are some additional tips for styling your Saarinen-like table:

  1. Consider adding a contrasting chair. The V Dining Chair is what we pared our showroom oval table with. Complete with a soft hide-shaped rug, this dining area is light and airy.

  2. Can you ever have too much storage? A perfect backdrop to any table is a low lengthy credenza or sideboard. Top it off with large art.

  3. We can't forget lighting. Choose a light that can sit comfortably above your table on a dimmer for controlled light. Rule of thumb is that your light fixture should sit 30-36" above your table.


Our New Arrival.

We have recently introduced our own Saarinen-inspired dining table, named the Trumpet as a nod to the shape of its base. This truly multidimensional furniture piece boast quality craftmanship and is always on trend.

Trumpet Dining Table, available in 2 sizes with additional table top options coming soon.